What Is The Best Treatment For Tennis Elbow Pain?

Tennis elbow, also known as tendinitis is the swelling of tendons. Despite its name, you can suffer from tennis elbow even if you’re not Simona Halep. This condition appears when you perform repetitive gripping activities which can strain the muscles and put too much stress on the tendons.

Tennis elbow is the main reason why patients suffer from elbow pain and this disease develops over time. Sometimes, the pain may radiate into the upper or lower arm and may hurt when doing things with your hands.

Ok, now that you know how to identify tennis elbow pain, you probably want to know how to alleviate it.

Well, there are plenty non-surgical ways in alleviating tennis elbow pain, and the most known method is R.I.C.E. Also, exercises are indicated in reducing tennis elbow symptoms.
At the same time, we all knew that the best way in reducing inflammation is to apply ice packs or cold compresses over the painful area. Tennis elbow makes no exception from this therapy, but there is another way in alleviating elbow pain fast.

Over-the-counter ointments such as Ben Gay are the best topical anti-inflammatories that can be used to alleviate pain, but their prices are bit chili. On the other hand, there is another topical ointment which you can use to reduce tennis elbow pain: Vicks Vaporub.

It seems that Vicks Vaporub has other uses than it was initial designed, and relieving tennis elbow pain is one of them.

Wondering how can Vicks do that?

  • Well, it seems that Vicks can be used as a topical analgesic to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains of achy muscles and joints, and nevertheless tendon pain.
  • So, if you are suffering from tennis elbow pain, just apply a small amount of Vicks Vaporub over the affected area and massage gently for the ointment to get deep into the skin. Apply a cold towel over the aching area and change it when it gets warm. Repeat this process until the pain fades away.
  • It seems that menthol and camphor in Vicks will heal the aching elbow and by re-applying this topical product the elbow pain will stop.
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