Useful tricks to get rid of snoring

Snoring is a source of tension in a couple and it indicates a serious health problem. Snoring isn’t only associated with poor quality sleep but with a high risk of stroke.

To get rid of this habit you can follow the next tips:

Give up the glass of wine or beer before bed
Snoring can be aggravated by alcohol because it relaxes muscles and consequently makes you breathe harder and … noisy. Don’t drink alcohol at least two hours before bedtime.

Sleeping on one side instead of sleeping on your back
Those who sleep lying on the back are more likely to snore. Sleeping on one side reduces the chance of snoring.

Get rid of some weight
Obesity is one of the main causes of snoring and overweight people are suffering various anatomical changes in the airways. Losing weight, even a few kilograms, pharynx area will improve.

Use a special nasal bandage
Clogged nasal passages may worsen the problem of snoring, because you are forced to breathe through the mouth. Such a bandage applied to the nose will unclog the airways.

Buy a humidifier
Dry heat in the room can be a cause of snoring. Such a device keeps the room humidity default on the airways.

Start singing
No matter how strange it sounds, scientists at Exeter University concluded that subjects who sang 20 minutes every day for three months got rid of snoring problem. As it turns out, singing has a positive impact because it strengthens the muscles of the airways.

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