The Best Natural Remedy for Reducing Wrinkles

The best natural remedy for reducing wrinkles is to apply masks based on argan oil or olive oil. Although olive oil has similar properties, it’s best to use argan oil in combination with vitamin E.


-50 ml of pure argan oil (or olive oil)
-5 capsules of vitamin E
-2 cotton pads

Method of preparation

Add the content of 5 vitamin E capsules in 50 ml of pure argan or olive oil and mix well. Soak a cotton wool disc and apply it on the eye area. Leave it for 10 minutes and. After swab and rub gently with your fingers. It’s important not to rinse your skin with water from this process; just remove the oil excess with a soft paper handkerchief.
Do this daily before bed time. Be careful, however, to use small amounts of oil! Regular use of this regenerating serum gives skin a better elasticity, hydration in depth with no visible wrinkles.

Image Credits: Receutics

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