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Miraculous Homemade Mixture To Get Rid Of Gray Hair

White hair threads are not always a joy, especially if they don’t form a uniform shade and are only sporadically present in different parts of the hair. There are different natural and chemical remedies that guarantee a great come back to the original hair color. The below natural remedy is tested by many people all over the internet, and the …

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Restore the Natural Color of Your Hair with this Mixture

The below preparation can improve vision, rejuvenates the skin and, surprisingly, if you have white hair restores the natural color. Ingredients: -200 ml of linseed oil -4 bio lemons -3 garlic cloves -1 kg of honey Method of preparation: Put the lemons and garlic in blender and mix. Add linseed oil and honey and mix again. Put the obtained mixture …

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2 natural remedies for white hair

If you already have white hair, you can try one of the following natural remedies: Onion Massage your scalp with some onion juice to slow down the bleaching process. A study made at the University of Bradford show that enzymes present in onion juice can decompose hydrogen peroxide, preventing its accumulation in the hair follicles. Cut an onion finely as …

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