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Brilliant Vicks VapoRub Uses That Will Blow Your Mind

I was wondering the other days how some common household items can have a real healing power for certain diseases. Vinegar, for example, can lower fever and cure toenail fungus. But, take for instance, Vicks Vaporub! This topical ointment it’s used for treating cough, unclogging the nose, relieving headaches – the best over-the-counter decongestant! Besides its basic uses, Vicks Vaporub …

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Does Vicks Vaporub Help With Athlete’s Foot Or Is It A Myth?

Athlete’s foot is no fun at all! This unforgivable bacteria attacks your foot, especially the in-between-the-toes area and its very painful and pretty much unsightly! This fungus is called Athlete’s foot because its most commonly found on gym floors and showers, that’s why you should never walk barefoot in these areas. Struggling with toenail fungus If you didn’t struggle with …

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Real Or Not: Can Vicks Vaporub Really Cure Toenail Fungus?

Lately, I’ve read a lot of articles on social media about the powerful and antifungal effects of Vicks Vaporub when it gets into contact with toenail fungus. More and more people say that this mentholated topical cream kills those stinky bacteria responsible for toenail fungus. I wonder how? There are plenty of over-the-counter antifungals, more or less effective, and I …

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