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Magical elixir. Cleanse your lungs naturally

It’s often said that those who smoke could live longer if they quit this bad habit. However, if quitting smoking is not on your bucket list, at least use these plants daily: Ginger This is an ancient spice used for its beneficial effects in body healing. Ginger also helps removing the mucus excess out from the lungs. Onions and garlic …

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Effective remedy to get rid of sore throat

This is an ancient cure when people relied on natural alternative medicine to combat diseases. This remedy is surprisingly effective: it cures sore throat and tonsil inflammation in just 2 hours. To prepare you need: – 200 ml of water – 50 grams of ground cumin – 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar – 2 teaspoons of honey Preparation method: …

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Get Rid of Cracked Hands with this Magical Ointment

Hands skin is daily affected by different factors: intense exposure to sun and cold, using detergents. Therefore the skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity, beauty and the cracks and wrinkles won’t delay to appear. Taking care of your hands and giving them a complete hydration and preventing their premature aging, use this incredible homemade ointment. Steps: First, dissolve in one …

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The best remedy to clean your sinuses

Sinusitis is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the cranial sinuses. The most common causes are the upper airway infections, nasal polyps, allergies (allergic rhinitis), deviated septum or dental abscesses. The pain caused by this condition is unpleasant and can be very strong, depending on the stage of the disease. Natural remedies do wonders in treating sinusitis. The best natural …

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Homemade Deodorant For Sweaty Armpits

Trade market deodorants contain lots of harmful ingredients and chemicals that promise effective protection against odor. For body health and a guarantee for a quality product you can always choose to make your own deodorant, natural, cheaper and easy to prepare. Beeswax deodorant Ingredients: -50 g of beeswax -50 g baking soda -50 ml of coconut oil -50 g of …

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The Best Natural Remedy for Reducing Wrinkles

The best natural remedy for reducing wrinkles is to apply masks based on argan oil or olive oil. Although olive oil has similar properties, it’s best to use argan oil in combination with vitamin E. Ingredients -50 ml of pure argan oil (or olive oil) -5 capsules of vitamin E -2 cotton pads Method of preparation Add the content of …

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