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How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones Without Surgery

Some doctors want to encourage patients to remove kidney stones with the help of natural remedies, while providing analgesic to patients to keep the pain under control. However, some kidney stones are very big, and that involves surgery. And the below remedy is recommended by doctors to get rid of kidney stones. large enough that surgery is required to be …

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Elixir of health. Why you should drink fresh nettle juice

To complete the deficiencies of a monotonous diet, fresh nettle juice is rich in minerals, vitamins and is the main recommendation of specialists. Nettle juice improves health, combat atherosclerosis symptoms, gout, hemorrhoids, diabetes and rheumatism. Nettle juice Ingredients: -20 gr. of nettle leaves -250 ml of lukewarm water Preparation: Blend nettle leaves and then pour the water over it. Another …

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Prevent kidney stones with this simple drink

Apple cider vinegar balances cholesterol level, prevents food poisoning, treats certain skin problems such as acne, helps against allergies, strengthens immune system, helps losing extra pounds, improves digestion and relieves constipation, fights bad breath, relieves arthritis and gout symptoms and prevents the appearance of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Ingredients: -2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar -1/2 teaspoon of …

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