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Grandma’s Cough Syrup To Remove Phlegm From The Lungs

Last week I struggled with a bad common cold that kept me in bed for 5 days. Fever, runny and stuffy nose, sinus congestion, bad muscle ache…auch! Fall is here and so are the common colds! However, my husband successfully brought me back to life with his sinus relief balm recipe. But, the last cold symptom that I had to …

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Natural Remedy That Is 10 Times More Effective Than Penicillin

With these temperature variations, our body is a real target for bacteria and viruses that weaken our immune system…and antibiotics are not the best solution. They have side-effects and increase the resistance to infections. In many cases, natural remedies have proven to be more effective than antibiotics or other drugs. The following remedy is such a natural remedy being 10 …

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