Skin-Friendly Facial Mask To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne, another skin disorder that many people are struggling to get rid of! There are a lot of products, less or more effective, that can get you rid of acne, but chemicals are chemicals and they are spreading acne than treating it.

Natural remedies are very effective, it’s true that it takes time, but there are no side effects and the results are remarkable.

This skin-friendly acne treatment is very easy to prepare and the results are amazing if you respect the indications.

Brewer’s yeast is a good source of vitamin B, and the acids it contains helps to improve skin elasticity. In addition, beer helps maintaining an optimal skin pH level.

You need:
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– 2 tablespoons of honey
– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
– 3 tablespoons of unfiltered beer
– 1 teaspoon of beer yeast (powder)

Mix these ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is homogenous. Apply this mixture on the face, and remove it after 15 minutes by washing your face with warm water.

This mask will heal acne and it will leave your face clean. It’s recommended, especially for oily skin.

Honey has antiseptic properties, and beer yeast reduces sebum and kills bacteria that cause acne. Also, beer moisturizes your skin by leaving it smoother.

Tip: this mask should be used at least twice a week for quick result. It’s important not to give up because the effects will appear soon.

Image Credits: Homeremedy4beauty

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