Science-Backed Benefits Of Turmeric For Juvenile Arthritis

Arthritis is the most common disease in the world! Many people suffer from such disease, especially the elderly, but this disease may also affect children. When arthritis strikes children joints it’s called juvenile arthritis as a response of the immune system.

This chronic autoimmune disorder attacks the cells of the body in the same way as it would attack a foreign body. This self-destructive body-cell attack will cause inflammation and stiffness in the joints which will inhibit the growth of the child.

What causes juvenile arthritis?
As a matter of fact no one knows the exact cause for most forms of juvenile arthritis. However some researchers say that is a genetic predisposition for such disease.

Treatment for juvenile arthritis
Unfortunately, there is no cure for juvenile arthritis, but if you diagnose it in early stages and try an aggressive treatment, remission is possible. With the right treatment you may improve child’s life quality by reducing inflammation and controlling pain.
However, you can also keep juvenile arthritis under control with the help of turmeric.

The reasons why turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory treatment for juvenile arthritis

Even if most researchers give turmeric a lot of credits in alleviating juvenile arthritis pain and inflammation, there are not enough direct studies conducted on turmeric’s action for this disease. But its therapeutic action in rheumatoid and other arthritis indicate its strong potential in juvenile arthritis as well. However, turmeric’s most important activity is the anti-inflammatory action of curcumin.

Additionally, it also has pain-relieving and anti-oxidant effects which can further be useful in the treatment of juvenile arthritis.

1. Powerful anti-arthritic activity

Turmeric has been proved to have anti-arthritic effects by various research studies and it can thereby be used for treating all kinds of arthritic conditions including juvenile arthritis.

2. It calms down the pain

Although various painkillers are available in the market to relieve pain associated with inflammation of joints affected by arthritis they may have side effects. On the other hand, Curcumin being a natural extract is an effective painkiller with little or no side effects and thus can be used to replace such side effect causing analgesics.

3. Boosts your immune system

Juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and curcumin’s ability to regulate the immune system and its cells can play a major role in preventing development as well as treating the condition.

4. Inhibits joint inflammation

Curcumin regulates various inflammatory mediators preventing inflammation in the affected joints. It also prevents degenerative changes that reduce inflammation and pain to a greater extent. This can be helpful in the treatment of juvenile arthritis as inflammation in the joints plays a major role in pathogenesis of the disease.

5. It has anti-oxidants properties

High amount of free radicals and oxidative stress are involved in the pathogenesis of arthritis. A diet rich in anti-oxidants can prevent oxidative stress and alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

The antioxidant property of turmeric can play a major role in preventing the articular damage and oxidative stress in joints of patients with juvenile arthritis.

6. Anti-microbial activity

Sepsis may occur in joints of certain individuals, but turmeric has been proved to be an effective anti-microbial agent. Although various spices like ginger and garlic are known to exhibit this property too, turmeric is found to be the most effective amongst them.

7. Stomach-friendly spice

Certain drugs are known to cause side effects that include irritation in the stomach and sometimes other stomach disorders or ulcers. All drugs may not be safe for consumption.

Curcumin shows gastroprotective activity. It can be used in place of drugs that cause side effects and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract on consumption.

Golden milk seems to be one of the best remedy for arthritis and is one of the tastiest remedy you can administrate to children suffering from juvenile arthritis:


  • 200 grams raw turmeric
  • 500 ml cow milk
  • 2-3 tsp honey
  • 1/2 tbsp cinnamon powder
  • pinch of cardamom
  • 2-3 cloves
  • whole nutmeg for grating


1. For making turmeric milk, thoroughly rinse the raw turmeric and keep it aside to dry.
2. Pour one cup of water into a pot and place it over a hot flame. When the water boils, add a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder and 2-3 cloves. After 3-4 minutes add the milk to the pot. Continue boiling the mixture over a medium flame.
3. Meanwhile, peel and grind the raw turmeric. Wear gloves or else the color of the turmeric can stain your hands. Peel or scrape the turmeric like you would ginger. Chop the turmeric into small chunks so you can grind it easily. Grind the turmeric finely. Transfer the ground turmeric into a bowl and set aside.
4. When the milk in the pot starts simmering, reduce the flame and mix one teaspoon of ground turmeric into it. Let the milk simmer for 2-3 more minutes. Now, the milk will turn a golden color. Strain it through a sieve. Mix two teaspoons of honey into the strained milk. Whisk the milk for a while to create froth.
5. Serve this milk in a cup and garnish with some powdered cardamom. Grate a little nutmeg into it. Your golden milk is ready to be served.

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