Real Or Not: Can Vicks Vaporub Really Cure Toenail Fungus?

Lately, I’ve read a lot of articles on social media about the powerful and antifungal effects of Vicks Vaporub when it gets into contact with toenail fungus. More and more people say that this mentholated topical cream kills those stinky bacteria responsible for toenail fungus.

I wonder how? There are plenty of over-the-counter antifungals, more or less effective, and I didn’t hear anyone saying that, at least one of it, has magical curative powers.

So, is it true that Vicks Vaporub can cure toenail fungus without relapse?

I took a look over the ingredients it contains: camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil – as active ingredients and cedarleaf oil, nutmeg oil, petrolatum, thymol and turpentine oil as inactive ingredients. The active ingredients are used as cough suppressants great for relieving cold symptoms, but the inactive ingredients, especially thymol oil, are active in curing onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Even if there is no study made on humans to prove this theory, some people say that they used Vicks Vaporub and got cured completely from toenail fungus. Given these “rumors”, the ones who gave up fighting with toenail fungus at some point, said that Vicks Vaporub saved their feet.

Did these rumors convince me to use or recommend Vicks Vaporub as antifungal?

Given the fact that any rumors have its one truthful side, I do recommend Vicks to cure toenail fungus. At least, it has no side effects.

So, use it as it follows:

  • First, trim your nail with a clippers.
  • Wash your foot carefully, and dry it thoroughly with a cotton towel.
  • Put on rubber gloves.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of Vicks and apply the amount over the infected toenail.
  • Don’t introduce the spoon in Vicks Vaporub container and don’t use your fingers to apply Vicks. You may risk spreading the infection.
  • Cover the affected nail completely and make sure you put some Vicks under the nail and cuticle.
  • You can use a cotton swab to apply Vicks over the entire affected toenail.
  • Cover the nail with a bandage or sock. Another method is to cut a rubber glove finger and apply it over the affected toenail.

Warning: if your toes get reddish or the infection is getting worse, you better see a doctor immediately.

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