Most Effective Remedy Over The Internet To Get Rid Of Internal Parasites

The presence of internal parasites provides signs such as: lack of appetite, anemia, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, eczema, repeated allergies, excessive sweating, and so on.

If the above symptoms occur frequently, it would be advisable to see a doctor. Remedies to get rid of internal parasites are present all over the internet, but the most effective one is the one that follows.


– 2 teaspoons of thyme tea
– 1 teaspoon of hemp flour
– a piece of 2-3 cm ginger root
– 500 ml of water
– 3-4 cloves

Preparation and consumption:

– Put the water to boil;
– When it reaches the boiling point, stop the fire and add the thyme tea and the ginger, which you have to peel and cut it in small pieces;
– Leave the mixture to infuse for 30 minutes;
– After it has cooled, add the hemp flour by stirring continuously.

The remedy is ready to use now!

Store it in refrigerator! Consume half of the quantity in the morning after breakfast, and the other half in the evening after dinner. After each dose, chew 1-2 cloves for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 2 weeks, and thus you have “cleansed” the intestines successfully. The internal “deworming” cure is repeated every 6 months. You can check the effectiveness of this natural remedy by seeing the doctor again. You will be surprised by the effect!

Image Credits: Allhealthynews and Youtube

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