Melt Belly Fat From Inside-Out With This Russian Remedy

Belly fat is the only “fat” that you hardly can get rid of. And most of women know how much they struggle in the belly fat fight, when you try it to cover with clothes, but what do you do when you go to the beach? Well, beside the traditional exercises to get rid of belly fat, you can use the following natural remedy to melt belly fat from inside-out. And you don’t have to starve yourself or try different diets that harm your health.

The miraculous secret of this recipe is horseradish, which encourages to process of losing weight. Besides, this is not the single benefit on horseradish over the human body.

– 125 grams of horseradish
– 3 lemons
– 3 tablespoons of honey

Method of preparation:

Peel the horseradish then put it in the blender. Wash well the lemons, cut them in fourth and put them in the blender along with horseradish. Add the honey over them and blend these three ingredients very well. Put the resulted mixture in a jar, and store it in the refrigerator.

Take one tablespoon of this powerful remedy during meals, twice a day. You have to repeat this treatment daily for three weeks in a row, and in just 10 days you’ll see visible results.

Image Credits: Myhealthyfeed

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