Is It True That Vicks Vaporub Can Reduce Belly Fat?

Vicks Vaporub – who thought that this topical ointment which is used to treat coughs, colds, congested nose, stuffiness in the chest and throat and headaches, can do much more than you’ve ever imagined?
In a previous article, I explained all Vicks Vaporub uses, but one caught my eye in particularly – Vicks Vaporub can be used to blast that belly fat! Crazy, huh?

Even if there’s no significant evidence that Vicks Vaporub can melt belly fat, some experts say the heat produced by this topical ointment can reduce a few inches around your waistline. This means that the results aren’t so satisfying, and the answer to the question: “Is Vicks good to reduce belly fat” wouldn’t be the one we expected.

However, Vicks Vaporub seems to be effective in reducing the bumps of cellulite (the orange peel skin) due to the heat it produces, meaning that physically it will reduce considerably your waistline by melting down a bit the fat around it. It has the same effects as any other burning fat remedy.

Why is Vicks good for fat burning?

Well, the active ingredient found Vicks is camphor which accelerates the fat burning process. Hence, if you apply Vicks and wrap that area of your body in plastic foil will make you sweat meaning that will cause water loss. This is the process of weight loss.

Keep in mind: the weight loss, more precisely fat burning, is temporary. If you want a long-lasting belly fat process you should apply Vicks Vaporub for months as it follows:

Needed Items:

  • Vicks Vaporub
  • Plastic wrap

Apply a thick layer of Vicks Vaporub around your belly and wrap it in plastic foil. Let it work for 30 minutes. Of course, during this time you can perform some abs to speed up the weight loss process.

Bottom line: Vicks Vaporub seems to work for fat burning.

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