How To Remove Ticks Burrowed Under Human Skin?

Every year, when the warm season appears, we have to deal with the tick invasion. That’s why is recommended to avoid the area with high grass or dense vegetation if we are not properly equipped.

But what do we have to do if a tick bites us?

Well, we all know that they are very dangerous, and the first thing we have to do is not to panic, because we can remove the thick very easily.

The most effective trick to get rid of under skin ticks is with a matchstick. We have to moisten the phosphorus side of the matchstick and make some circles with it around the bitten area. The tick will be attracted to the smell and will come out by itself.

Another method is acetone: moisten a cotton ball in acetone and put it over the tick. It will get out by itself.

The same effect has the pork lard. We have to moisten very well the affected area with pork lard, and because of the lack of air, the tick will get out.

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