How To Get Rid Of Damaged Hair With Grandma’s Favorite Hair Mask

Grandma always used to say that natural beauty is the most beautiful beauty a woman can have. But, this natural beauty is best kept with natural remedies otherwise you’ll fall into chemicals trap. So, below you’ll have the most effective hair masks for damaged and devitalized hair.

1. Hair coconut mask
For? Moisturizing devitalized hair.
How? Mix half a cup of mayonnaise with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut tea extract. Apply the mixture on your hair then cover your head with a shower cap. Let it act for 20-30 minutes then wash your hair like usual.

2. Avocado mask for dry hair
For? Repair fragile hair.
How? Mix the pulp of a well-baked avocado with an egg yolk. Apply it on dry hair and massage your scalp. Let the mask act for 15 minutes then wash your hair like you usual do!

Image Credits: Bellatory and Permedtonatural

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