How Can I Treat My Child’s Swimmer’s Ear At Home?

As summer temperatures are rising, now it’s the perfect time to soak up the sun and to take a nice bath in the ocean, pool…wherever! A bath is all you need on a hot summer day!

Who thought that spending a summer weekend in such a relaxing way may end with a bad and painful swimmer’s ear? Yes, my kiddo, after spending the last weekend at the beach, was crying out loud and holding his ear.
At first, I thought he has an earache but when we went to the “ear doctor” it seems that we were confronting with a swimmer’s ear. Austin, ain’t you a swimmer!?

Swimmer’s ear and earaches have, almost the same symptoms but they are different conditions. While earaches are often caused by a cold or sinus infection, swimmer’s ear is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection due to water being trapped in the ear canal.

I was impressed by the ENT we visit that she didn’t prescribed any medicine at all and suggested us to treat this ear blockage with the help of natural remedies. It seems that this type of infection that runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head can be easily treated at home and I want to share this with every mom in the world.

First step:

The first thing to do when dealing with swimmer’s ear is to apply hot compress over the affected ear (I heated a towel in the microwave). This method will alleviate pain and will slowly unclog the affected ear. Also, the heat will dry out the ear, gradually.

Second step:

Take some garlic cloves and crush them to extract the juice. Heat the juice for 10 seconds in the microwave, and using your finger add 2 drops of heated garlic oil into the affected ear. Gently massage the ear, and let the garlic work for 20 minutes.

Third step:

The last thing you should do, before going to bed, is to use apple cider vinegar and rubbing alcohol.
Mix equal parts of these 2 ingredients and wash the affected ear with a pipette. Allow the liquid to drain back out.

Personal Tip: after using the last method, I poured into my son’s ear 2 drops of garlic oil (step 2) before going to bed, and let the oil act overnight.

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