Getting Rid Of Blackheads Never Been Simpler With This Oil Mixture

Blackheads are very unaesthetic and really annoying because is the first signal of acne appearance. I always compare blackheads with cockroaches, because once you squeeze a pimple a dozen more appear. Same thing with cockroaches…so, let’s get rid of blackheads naturally without spreading them around the face.
Castor oil turns out in being a great remedy for many disorders, and mixed together with jojoba oil will help to clean the pores and to get rid of blackheads.

2 oil types mixed in different proportions, depending on your skin type, can do magic!

For normal skin
Prepare a mixture of 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 jojoba oil

For oily skin
Prepare a mixture of 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 jojoba oil
To soothe the skin, you can add a drop of essential lavender oil. Apply the obtained solution all over your face and massage gently for 20 minutes.

Then cover your face with a damp and warm towel and let it stand for about 10 minutes to let oils dissolve. At the end wipe your face with that towel.
Now you can squeeze (extract) the blackheads, because it’s a myth that they will remove by itself.

Repeat this procedure once a week for a month. Then applying this treatment only once a month it should be enough.
By removing blackheads you’ll prevent acne.

Important: after extracting blackheads it’s recommended to apply a natural antiseptic lotion.

Image Credits: Searchhomeremedy and Youtube

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