Elixir of health. Why you should drink fresh nettle juice

To complete the deficiencies of a monotonous diet, fresh nettle juice is rich in minerals, vitamins and is the main recommendation of specialists. Nettle juice improves health, combat atherosclerosis symptoms, gout, hemorrhoids, diabetes and rheumatism.

Nettle juice

-20 gr. of nettle leaves
-250 ml of lukewarm water

Blend nettle leaves and then pour the water over it. Another method is to finely chop the leaves and pour water over them. Allow to soak for 6 hours then filter through a cloth. Drink it fresh.
By drinking nettle juice certain diseases can be cured:

Allergy, autoimmune diseases
Nettle juice is a powerful blood cleanser, regulates the immune activity and it has anti-inflammatory effects. You have to consume daily 2 cups of nettle juice on an empty stomach before meals, for 21 days.

Anemia, demineralization
You have to drink 1-2 glasses of nettle juice, daily, for 2 weeks.

Irregular menstruation
Nettle leaves are great in long-term endocrine dysfunctions. Moreover, they are great in skin diseases like acne, eczema. Consume 2 cups of nettle juice daily for 3 weeks.

Chronic kidney disease
Nettle juice cures chronic kidney disease. Drink one glass of nettle juice daily on an empty stomach, in the morning, for 20-30 days.

It regulates blood pressure and has a protective effect on blood vessels preventing atherosclerosis. All that you have to do is to drink half a glass of nettle juice before meals.

Patients with diabetes can lead a normal life if they consume 2 tablespoons of fresh nettle juice daily for 3 months.

Contraindications: it’s not recommended for pregnant women.

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