Can I Use Sudocrem To Heal Minor Burns And Sunburns?

Sudocrem has been every mom’s ally since 1930 and it has been designed to soothe sore skin and nappy rash. Anyhow, this healing cream seems to be versatile and can do more than that!

Just as Vicks Vaporub, Sudocrem has many other surprising uses, such as treating cuts, grazes and minor burns effectively. Surprisingly, Sudocrem has been used by many teenagers in treating acne and it’s also extremely effective in treating eczema. Well, not only baby tushes can benefits of the curative powers of Sudocrem.
But, I’m intrigued on how can Sudocrem treat cuts and first degree burns? It’s not stingy?

I guess not! Many people confess that Sodocream is a fantastic minor burn healer. If you mistakenly touch a hot pan while cooking or spill hot coffee in your lap that is the time when you should apply Sodocrem.

It seems that Sudocrem contains zinc oxide which reduces the loss of tissue fluid. Also, this product has local anesthetic that can help soothe burn pain and reduce the risk of infection.

Important: As I mentioned above, Sudocrem is used only for minor burns! In case you’re dealing with severe burns consult a doctor before applying any over-the-counter product.

Given its ingredients and vast history, makes Sudocrem the perfect minor burn healer that should exist in each medicine cabinet. As a matter of fact, Sudocrem can be used to heal your sunburn skin.

But how can I use Sudocrem for minor burns?

Apply Sudocrem the same way you apply any other over-the-counter burn cream.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Gently cleanse the burn, patting it dry or allowing it to air dry.
  • Use your finger or a sterile object like a piece of gauze to apply a small dab of the product to the burn.
  • Lightly rub the cream onto the burn.

Do not apply Sudocrem until the burn has completely cooled down from the injury. You do not want to trap any heat in the wound.

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