Brittle nails ? See what disease you may suffer

Are your nails brittle? Well, your hands can tell a lot about your health: from liver diseases to lack of vitamins.

Brittle nails indicate that your liver is in great need of help, says Dr. Gillian McKeith, author of “You are what you eat”. Also, brittle nails can signal a lack of calcium, zinc. British nutritionists suggest that people experiencing these problems must eat broccoli, cabbage and nettle.

White spots on nails

White spots on nails is the classic signal of zinc deficiency. When the zinc level is very low, you need to take emergency measures either started on a daily teaspoon of algae or a zinc supplement. It’s also good to eat pumpkin and sunflower seeds because they are rich in zinc, too.

Chapped skin, swollen fingers or swollen hands

Cracks and blisters on the tips of the fingers are signs of a lack of zinc, while swollen fingers or inflamed hands indicate vitamin B6 deficiency. Eat plenty of foods high in vitamin B, such as brown rice, sunflower seeds, avocado. Drink red clover tea (three cups a day). You might need a vitamin B complex daily dose.

Red skin and rough hands

If your hands are rough and reddened, you may have a lack of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. Red and rough skin can be a sign of intolerance to different foods. Chocolate and wheat, often give allergic skin reactions.

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