9 mistakes you shouldn’t do in the shower

I bet everyone has a whole ritual while they’re having a shower. Even if the things may look simple, there are some mistakes that anyone has ever made.
Here are some things that you should avoid when you are taking a shower if you want to look and feel good every single day!

Using the same sponge
The sponge, no matter how soft and fluffy it is, this object is full of bacteria. Dermatologists recommend using a sponge only 4 times then you have to throw it away. Unfortunately, moist environment from the bathroom is a perfect place for bacteria to grow and attack you skin therefore!

Daily exfoliating
You may think that daily exfoliation is the best method to remove dirt and skin oil collected during the day. But it isn’t! Exfoliating you skin daily makes your skin oily and it creates a proper bacteria environment.

Washing your hair without combing it
To avoid hair breakage and clumping after drying, you should comb your hair before you get in the shower. Wet hair breaks more easily, and it’s untangling before showering will help to dry more slowly and to keep its firmness and radiance after drying. If your hair is going to be very tangled and you don’t manage to comb it before showering, apply a conditioner or mask through all its length and comb it gently under the shower.

Brushing in the shower
Just because you have to do several things at once you may not pay enough attention to teeth cleaning. You must brush your teeth at least for 3 minutes. So the shower and dental hygiene shouldn’t be taken together.

Leg hair removal isn’t the first step!
Everyone is good at multi-tasking , but if you wait for 15 minutes, before to jump with a razor blade on your legs, you’ll get smother legs. The steam from the shower cabin will have time to soften your skin.

Washing your hair daily
Perhaps you already know that, but washing your hair daily leads to a dirty hair not a clean one. When you wash your hair often your body produces a larger quantity of sebum making your hair oily even 2 hours after washing.

Taking a shower with hot water
All you have to know is that hot water will make your skin dry and can cause itching or eczema.

Inefficient rinsed skin
If you don’t rinse your skin properly the soap may harm your skin. Dermatologists warn that a poor rinsing can cause irritation and dry skin.

Aggressive skin toweling
After the shower, swabbing the skin with a towel should be easy not aggressive, fast and rough.
Also, toweling your skin rough can cause itching or dryness. It’ s better to wrap yourself in a gown and let you skin dry naturally. If you are in a hurry try a to use a soft and velvet towel.

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