4 Folk Remedies To Get Rid Of Vitiligo And Regain Skin Color

There are a lot of people with white spots on their face or their hands, and this is a skin condition called vitiligo. This disease can be present in both sexes, and no matter which origin you have. However, people with dark skin are more prone to vitiligo.

To get rid of this skin condition, and to regain your skin color, there are several natural remedies inherited from our ancestors.

1. Turmeric and mustard oil

Mix about 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder with 250 ml of mustard oil. Apply the mixture on the discolored areas twice a day. Repeat this remedy daily, until you’ll see an improvement. This remedy shouldn’t last more than 2 months.

2. Basil and lime

Basil leaves stimulates the production of melanin. Mix a few drops of basil leaves extract with lime juice, and apply it to the affected areas. This treatment is widely known to be effective in about 5-6 months.

3. Copper water

Put water in a cooper pot and let it stand overnight. Consume this water daily to stimulate melanin production.
The results won’t appear immediately, so repeat the method until the spots disappear.

4. Radish seeds

Can favor melanin regeneration. Pour a few teaspoons of vinegar over the powder obtained from radish seeds. You will get a paste, and apply it over the affected areas. Repeat this procedure for 6 months.

Image Credits: Draxe

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